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Permanent Drapes

Events by Jes offers permanent drapes for office buildings, commercial buildings and event venues.  We do not offer permanent drapes for residential locations.

Use the following guide to complete an RFP from Events by Jes.

Consultation Fee:  A $150 consultation fee is due 48 hours prior to the scheduled site visit date. The fee is applied to the balance due upon contracting with Events by Jes.

Consultation includes:​​

  • Visit to property (Tuesdays or Thursdays)**

  • Meaurement of space requiring drapery

  • Drapery swatch options

**Locations 55 miles or 55 minutes outside of Marietta zip code 30008 will require an additional fee and must be received 48 hours prior to the date of  consultation.


Ceiling Drapery

Looking to provide your venue with a softer and more glamorous aesthetic? Ceiling drapes (sheer and sateen only) add a beautiful and cost effective option for your hiding industrial or unsightly ceilings.

New Lillian Gardens - Bridal Suite.jpg

Panel Pair

The panel pair style drape will allow you to create unique entrances and walkways. Perfect for hallways. Its mirrored look are perfect for windows as well.



Single Drapes

Single drapes are created in various sizes.  Need to create a partition in the building? Need to hide an area of the building? Single drapes are a cost effective way to maximize the venue space.

Single drapes are the most popular permanent drapes.

Lillian Gardens. Events by Jes.jpg

Window Treatment Set

These unique drapes are specialized to provide your building with a subtle pop of color or addition to the building. Based on the building's motif, we can assist you with choosing the perfect ensemble for your windows.

Drape Lengths

Opacity refers to the amount of light which passes through a fabric.

  • Fabric choices with a looser weave pattern will allow for a higher opacity.

  • Often drapes with patterns are heavier but the opacity can vary.

  • Adding sheer underneath a semi-sheer fabric will allow for versatility.

  • Blackout drapes will leave very minimal opacity.

  • Blackout drapes for windows will need to extend at least 1 inch on either side to provide minimal outside light.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Events by Jes works with various wholesalers in order to create the perfect permanent drapes for your venue.

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